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Call Us: (888) 861-9396

A Safer Home Even When You Are Alone

Security and safety are of great concern for all of the people. Whether we are a homeowner or renter, we have to make sure that while we are in or out of our respective homes, we are safe. It is indeed a priority that our property is adequately secured. Locksmith residential services can provide us all of our worries about home security. Unfortunately, only few of us know what a locksmith company really provides for all of us.  What we commonly know about them is usually the matching of keys and the one that help us get out in case we are locked at home.

The other services that a locksmith company can also provide are the replacement and repair of your lock. If your lock has been used for many years or has been exposed to sun, it is its nature to get to wear out. This means then that you need to replace or repair it. It is not advisable to do the repair or replacement yourself especially when you really know nothing about locks’ quality. Unlike to the locksmith people, they are trained about them and they know what to buy for your safety and have the tools to properly do the operation.

A locksmith company can re-key an existing lock rather than buying a brand new lock. This is very helpful to you when the person you used to allow access to your home no longer needs that access or you have broken the parts of the key.

A locksmith company can also help you in securing windows, garages and sliding door. We all know that burglars can quickly access the home by slipping into garages and windows. These are the areas to easy penetrate because they are not properly secured. It is important that apart from your doors, you should not neglect these areas. Find a locksmith team that can effectively install locking devices in these areas in your home.

You should always bear in mind that locksmith only blocks the possible access of your home. The overall security still relies on your hands. You can do many things for your own security at all times. The first thing to do always is to lock up your home every time you go out. Make it sure that you will not leave the key and place it where anyone can easily find it. Always bring it with you wherever you go. You can also install an alarm system within your home and use timers on your light so that it looks like you are at home.

With the help of a locksmith and the tips mentioned above, there is no reason for you not to feel safe and secured even you are all alone.

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Transponder Key Programming

Key with a Chip *$65

Automotive Key Extraction

Key broken off or Stuck in Ignition **$75

Ignition Change Services

Commercial, Residential or Safe *$120

Auto Lockout Service

Commercial, Residential or Safe *$35

Fresh Installation

The right lock for the right door *$65

Car Key Making

All automobile Keys *$90

Changing Locks

Any kinds of LOCKS *$45


All variants of security locks *$19

* This cost is a minimum estimate for the respective job. The final cost will vary. It will depend on the security level of the lock-system plus labor charges.

** This cost is a minimum estimate for the respective job. Every key/ignition is uniquely built and cut therefore, the final cost will vary. It will depend on the complexity of the job and programming cost if associated.